About Analysis UK

Analysis UK was founded in the summer of 2001, originally to provide quality software and hardware solutions for the scientific community. Since then our in house product developments have diversified to non scientific main line products (e.g. Dinner Timer Lite, LazyLoad, BookSwap.ws ) and providing consulting services to a local biotech companies.

With a background in Chemistry (A Bachelors in chemistry from Hull University and a Masters in Instrumental Analytical Chemistry from Anglia polytechnic university) the founding director of Analysis UK is ideally placed to understand the requirements of todays scientific community and aims to provide solutions to help the ever challenging front of scientific development.

Whilst having a range of experience in various area's, Analysis UK's Speciality is in developing solutions for connectivity of scientific instrumentation, working with C#, .NET, VB6 and other technologies to provide robust and rapid solutions.

Our philosophy at Analysis UK is to provide a solution that not only best matches customer requirements, but also to provide solutions that are able to move and change with the fast paced business requirements of the twenty first century.

Our solutions are developed using object oriented techniques that enable a rapid change of product requirements to be a set of simple changes rather than complete product re-writes. I believe in using modern technology to provide solutions where this will provide the best solution to the requirement, but also understand that for many solutions existing technology may be just as competitive to use.

Product development utilises various languages, ranging from machine code for micro controller solutions, Visual Basic, C# and VB.Net for PC based development and along with open source development with PHP and MySQL databases, including mixtures of XML, SOAP solutions to cross the platform barriers for data interchange.

Analysis UK is registered in England, its head office is based on the rural Essex-Suffolk border, and also operates out of Cambridge, UK. For further information about the company please contact us.

Director:Stephen Harrison, MSc, MRSC, MBCS.